What is Green Hospital Certified?

A Green Hospital Certification shows the community that your entire operation cares not only for their health, but also for the environment where your patients live. Being certified as a Green Hospital your hospital represents that the bio hazardous waste generated in a medical facility is 100% sterilized, shredded and disposed properly; your hospital uses top of the line up to date medical equipment, and your medical facility offers high efficiency mobile solutions for the community.

The medical community recognizes the need to care for the public environment and by having a seal to prove it, your patients will feel more confident to assist your facilities.

High-End Medical Equipment

A Green Hospital Certified medical facility offers High Performance Medical Products, while at the same time, ensures high quality, reliable service and cost effectiveness.

Manage Waste Disposal Properly

Green Hospital Certified represents a Fully Automated pressurized thermal Sterilization Technology for Medical Waste treatment and proper disposal for bio hazardous waste.

Eco-Friendly & Cost Effective Mobile Solutions

The ability to offer efficient and high end on site technology for the community, from the moment of being treated in an ambulance, to a full scale major disaster response, a Green Hospital counts with it all…